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As the founder of Vegan Done Light, my mission is not only to advocate for the importance of a low-fat, cruelty-free diet, but also to make it fun!

You don't have to be a rabbit to enjoy food that's simultaneously good for you, the planet, and all the animals that share it with you.  


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With this, my first offering in the role as publisher, I'm happy to introduce you to Dr. Patricia Sant, Ph.D.. She shares this enthusiasm and has cooked up a hearty, life-giving, collection of personal recipes, many created or recreated just for you.

Patricia Sant has long delighted in exploring spicy vegan foods around the world. Now retired, she has revived this hobby, putting her own stamp on traditional recipes as well as creating new ones for family and friends. These recipes reflect her personal preference in low-salt and low-fat spicy dishes which can be enjoyed by everyone.

When not trying out restaurants at home or abroad, enjoying long walks, or burying herself in books, she is at her computer hosting several vegan and vegetarian groups (among others) on Yahoo and Care2 plus a vegan food blog.

She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, their beagle and their cat. Her son, a granddaughter and grandson all live in Europe.


Writing for Vegan Done Light is not easy, especially this time around. You see, I wanted to eliminate soy from the menu to make things even MORE allergy-friendly than the first.

  • No added fats

  • Gluten free

  • Soy free

  • Low sodium

  • And of course, SPICY

"Wake Up to Spice is an
excellent collection of
absolutely 'legal,'
appealing recipes."

- Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.
author, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Note: Available in digital form only.


Let's hear from Patricia about how this book came to be, the writing process, and the discoveries she made along the way...

"A challenge and a revelation"

That's exactly what happened in the making of Wake Up To Spice.

Challenged to provide recipes which avoided not only excess salt and fat but also all soy and gluten (say what?), I originally balked like a stubborn puppy. After all, I don't have problems with soy and gluten, so...

But searching around a bit led me to rethink this selfish position. Looking at so many of my own recipes I realized how many developed with the idea that soy or seitan would substitute for most of the non-vegan and non-vegetarian products, and how many relied on glutenous grains to provide 'body'. That's all very well, I thought, but decidedly tricky if you can't eat the stuff! So I broke out of my usual cocoon of safety.

The result is the revelation (and I thought I'd never say this!) that I actually not only had fun developing these recipes but also found great enjoyment in eating the new way. (Some baked goods are actually tastier and have a more interesting texure when made with different kinds of flours.)

I won't say I won't eat gluten or soy again (after all neither my husband nor I have a problem with either), but I am looking towards new kinds of grains that I have yet to try - the ones that have only recently become available in my part of Canada.

So now I've got a whole new interest in the kitchen. This is not just cooking, this is a grand game and an adventure!

Thanks, Erin!


INSTANT ACCESS: Download this "meaty" 88-page book in PDF format now and you'll be cooking up a spicy, low-fat, vegan storm in no time.

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